Apple Worm

December 8, 2022 - 268 play(s) - Logic Games

Apple Worm unblocked cool math online is a game where you can relax while facing puzzles. Play Apple Worm unblocked and help the worm reach portals right now!

About Apple Worm Cool Math Online

Conquer Apple Worm Cool Math games through a series of exciting levels by moving the worm to the portal! Eat apples if you want to get longer and overcome obstacles!

Apple Worm Unblocked is a special html5 snake game

In your current Cool Math unblocked game, you will challenge your thinking ability through dozens of fun puzzles. So, you start the new adventure as a worm with the first available stage. And, it’s pretty simple to beat difficulties and head to the destination.

However, you can get into trouble with the third stage and later ones. Therefore, you need to think carefully. Not only that, it’s also feasible for you to retry multiple times.

Cool Math Apple Worm snake game comprises countless obstacles

First of all, you are capable of dealing with gaps between two platforms when you have joined the present html5 snake game. Next, you can test your skills to avoid getting stuck in a corner. But, challenges will not stop there.

Get ready to enjoy Cool Math Apple Worm snake game and guide the worm to every portal! Don’t forget Apple Worms 2 with newer difficulties! Good luck!


Hit the arrow keys to move the worm to the apple and to the portal.

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