Assault Bots

May 25, 2023 - 61 play(s) - Grow Games

Assault Bots gun unblocked is a real-time action game including many players at once. Select the weapons you want and connect the Assault Bots to fight now!

About Assault Bots Cool Math Online

Battle against other Assault Bots in the new free 3D online game and clear all of those enemies as fast as you can! Furthermore, you need to be the ultimate bot.

You will become a bot machine in the available multiplayer shooting for free game. With the tool you opt for, you can immediately jump into the arena and fire. Don’t forget to keep your bot away from dangerous spots and avoid bullets nearby!

The Assault Bots battle game is currently easy for everybody to begin. Select the best weapons and attack all!


  • Roam across the playfield with Arrows or WSDA keys.
  • Aim and fire with Left-click.
  • Reload the character’s weapon with R.
  • Zoom the arena with Right Mouse.
  • Decide on weapons with 1, 2.
  • Show a jump with E.
  • Speed up with Shift.
  • Chat with other people with T.
  • Pause the fight with Esc.
  • Find the scoreboard with Tab.

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