Big Tower Tiny Square

6 Oct , 2020   -  1,406 play(s) -   Kids Games,Math games,Puzzle Games

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Big Tower Tiny Square unblocked is a fun platform puzzle Math game online featuring a wide array of levels with different challenges. In this title, you play the role of a Tiny Square who has to get revenge on Big Tower who has stolen your pineapple. To take your pineapple back, you must climb the big tower, save it and defeat the Big Tower.

On your way to the big tower, you will encounter lots of obstacles. Try to overcome them all and don’t forget to jump off the walls to get to higher areas. Also, you have to solve puzzles along the way. You will get information for the next stages, so try to check it out and learn what you have to do to conquer the levels. The arena looks complicated a bit with various platforms to jump over. Stay focused on this adventure so you can get to the big tower to save your pineapple and complete the game! Play Big Tower Tiny Square game for free online now to prove your skills! Have fun with it!


Use the spacebar to start the game. Use arrow keys to move left/right, and use up arrow key to jump.

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