Big Tower Tiny Square 2

May 23, 2022 - 500 play(s) - Kids Games

Cool Math Big Tower Tiny Square 2 unblocked new challenges and locations. The task in Big Tower Tiny Square 2 is still to control a small square that moves reasonably.

About Big Tower Tiny Square 2 Cool Math Online

The return of Big Tower Tiny Square 2 unblocked brings a whole new platformer to explore. You need to rescue Pineapple by climbing the tower with the shape of a tiny square.

The task of this game is quite similar to the first version, you will still control a small square to overcome the obstacles. You need to help your character pass the entire level to reach the highest position on the tower. This is not a simple task, because this place contains many deadly dangers.

Compared to Big Tower games, Big Tower Tiny Square 2D offers a completely new tower scene. All the obstacles on the screen are well designed and very logical. With just a few wrong moves, you will put the tiny square in danger, even starting the level from the beginning.

The levels in the game directly link to each other, which means you have to pass the original level to continue discovering new content. As you progress in the levels, threats will appear with more frequency and more unpredictability. Therefore, you need to keep high concentration and reasonable control to pass.

The appearance of the checkpoint will be an important factor to help you spend less time playing again. Try to control your character to move to the checkpoint although it is more difficult. Because the checkpoint will help you not fall into positions too far from the nearest dead position.

Big Tower Tiny Square 2 is an HTML5 online puzzle game full of elements. Although there are other similar games, you should remember that the Big Tower series has always been the choice of many players around the world. Try to experience this game at our website to test its appeal right away.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the small square to overcome the challenges


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