Bob the Robber 3

May 20, 2022 - 275 play(s) - Running

About Bob the Robber 3 Cool Math Online

Bob the Robber 3 unblocked is the third installment in the fun puzzle series. This time, Bob will have a new adventure to break into and explore the mysterious base.

In the previous installments, Bob was known to be a talented thief. Thanks to that, he caught the eye of an intelligence agency and they have a new mission for him. Now, he faces even more dangerous challenges as he tries to find hidden information in the enemy army’s hidden base.

The game mechanics remain the same, it’s simple and addictive gameplay. You just need to use the keys to move Bob and in turn overcome different obstacles. The map will include many rooms and you need different puzzles for each location. Besides, please avoid surveillance cameras or guards.

If you come across a room, sometimes you’ll need a key. So you can move to other rooms to collect the notched key and come back. Don’t leave confidential documents somewhere in the rooms. Moreover, you will have to encounter guards with guns. You can dodge them or attack them from behind.

With a classic and fun design, this game will help you relax your eyes all the time. It brings images of small but super cool characters, especially Bob. Besides, the game context is quite diverse because it changes flexibly through each level. So besides the gameplay, the design style of this zombie html5 game is also pretty cool.

Test your wits as you play Bob the Robber 3 online. It has a series of levels for you to solve, as long as you complete the task, you can unlock new levels. Join the game and help Bob conquer the rooms of the mysterious base!


Move Bob through the rooms with the left and right arrows


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