Chain Sums

1 Apr , 2020   -  729 play(s) -   Puzzle Games

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Give your brain a workout with an entertaining Math game online called Chain Sums! The best way to practice your mathematical skills is to play Math games with different challenges. By playing them, your problem solving, computational thinking and spatial reasoning skills will be stimulated, making you much better at math.

In Chain Sums unblocked, your mission is to make the target sums shown on the screen by arranging the blocks with given numbers. You have to click a block first then click a knob to move it. When both blocks meet each other and they are equal to the given number above, you will complete the addition operation. Try to solve two addition operations each level as fast as possible then you can proceed to the next ones with increasing difficulties. Remember that all blocks on the screen are swappable. This means you can swap positions between two blocks so they can have advantageous positions to complete the addition. The more you play, the better your skills will become. This is such a good chance for you to hone your mathematical skills. You can play it as much as you want or even share the game with your friends for more fun. Enjoy Chain Sums free game online! Don’t forget to try out other Math games either!


Use the mouse to click the blocks and arrange them to make the target sums.

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