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May 23, 2022 - 148 play(s) - Math games

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Cool math Coffee Shop no flash is a business game with new mechanics. You won't directly sell instead make rational decisions for game to operate effectively.

About Coffee Shop Cool Math Online

Offer the best sales strategies in Cool Math Coffee Shop to help the business grow. This game will help you to improve a lot of business experiences with completely new gameplay.

Directly running a business has never been easier for any profession in life. So, you can try doing business through the Coffee Shop game online to see interesting things in the operating mechanism. This game is not only sales management, you have to come up with specific strategies to develop the business situation.

As the owner of a takeaway coffee shop on the street, you must find ways to help your business model grow. The number of potential customers will not support you if your drink is not tasty enough. There are 14 days for you to try business in Coffee Shop unblocked, so try to do well.

Your job in this Cool math unblocked game is to execute effective trading strategies. Employees will sell themselves and bring in profit after each day. But you need to pay attention to buying ingredients, choosing a recipe, and choosing the right price to make a profit.

After each day, the game will provide a detailed list for you to understand the business status. The parameters that you need to pay attention to are Cash, Reputation, Cups Sold, and Price. It is very important to understand these parameters because you will rely on them for more effective trading profits the next day.

It’s not easy to scale a business effectively in Coffee Shop 3D. You need to understand the important parameters, thereby making reasonable improvements to attract customers. So, just make a mistake in choosing the price, or lack of ingredients to make delicious drinks, customers will not come back next time.


Use the mouse to drag and drop indicators in line with the business strategy

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