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Hexaria Game is a challenging Puzzle game where you have to solve all hexagon puzzles. The gameplay of Hexaria unblocked may be a little bit complicated, but after reading the in-game tutorial, you will understand how to play it. Play this Math game for free now to show your skills!

In Hexaria, you have to click and drag across hexagons in the correct order to create a pattern and try to clear hexagons. A pattern has to repeat itself at least twice. Also, you must use at least two different colors. For instance, you can create a pattern than has Red-Green/Red/Green or Blue-Red-Green-Green/Blue-Red-Green-Green. Once you drag across those hexagons with the correct order, release to clear them. Try to find patterns of colors as well as clear the hexagons in the least amount of time possible. The game features different game modes you can choose to play. Have fun with it!


Use the mouse to click and drag across hexagons to form a pattern to clear all hexagons in the game.

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