Hooda Math Escape Room Helena

April 4, 2020 - 989 play(s) - Capital City Escape Games

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About Hooda Math Escape Room Helena Cool Math Online

Try a new point-and-click escape game called Hooda Math Escape Room Helena! It’s time to practice and master your escaping skills in a free game online. There have been many Capital City Escape Games released online you can play for fun, and this title is no exception. You must get ready to explore a new story with a new adventure then see if you can make a great escape!

Hooda Math Escape Room Helena unblocked, you are expecting to have a meaningful Christmas with your grandparents. You are on your way to their house and it’s getting closer to meet them. At the moment, you are still in Helena, Montana. The excitement of meeting them is running through your body, which makes you forget where you are, and as a result, you get lost in Helena. Nobody is here helping you out, so you have to solve this challenge on your own. Just make sure you will not panic when doing a big thing like this! The first thing you do is to look around your place to see what you can find. It’s good to search for some hints and use them for your escape. You have to pick up enough clues because you will need them for solving the secret codes. Can you get out of this place to reach your grandparent’s house? Have fun with this Capital City Escape game!


The mouse is used for finding items, objects, and interacting with areas around you for your escape.

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