Hooda Math Escape Room Jefferson City

6 Apr , 2020   -  855 play(s) -   Capital City Escape Games

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Get ready for a new escape brought to you by Hooda Math Escape Room Jefferson City game online! Playing Capital City Escape Games is a good way for you to wipe out your stress as well as stimulate your brain. Also, these games can make your puzzle-solving skills much better. You will know if you are a person for puzzles or not.

Like other Escape games, in Hooda Math Escape Room Jefferson City unblocked, you will be taken to a place that is very far from your home. You were on your way home, but then you made a decision on stopping by Jefferson City, Missouri for sightseeing the capitol building. Because this place is so unique and worth visiting, you weren’t hesitant to stop by. You keep going around the place to visit everything about it until you realize that you got lost and you have no ideas which way to get out. Don’t freak out because if there is a will, there is a way! Start to look around your place to see if you can find something for your escape. Some hints, clues, and objects are hidden somewhere, so don’t be afraid to click to interact with the areas. You may come across secret codes sometimes, try to use your collected clues to solve all the codes. You have to escape this place as fast as possible. Much fun!


Interact with the objects in areas around you, collect items and clues for your escape using the mouse.

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