Hot Dog Bush

May 17, 2022 - 392 play(s) - Cooking Games, Papa's Games

About Hot Dog Bush Cool Math Online

Do you love HTML5 cooking games to play online all the time? Hot Dog Bush would be a great choice to experience working as a chef at a hot dog shop on the street.

George W. Bush just finished his presidency and what he wants to do for the people of the city. So he decided to become a chef at a friendly hot dog shop to serve every customer there. There are many customers who will visit with different dish requests in the Hot Dog Bush unblocked. And your task is to please them and get a bonus for the hot dog. But not only cooking but you also have to race against time. A customer won’t want to wait too long for your dish, so act fast.

Hot Dog Bush without flash gives you many tools and ingredients for hot dogs. For example, bread, chili sauce, oven, sausage… Initially, the ingredients were quite few because the customer’s request was quite simple. But you can be busy when many customers come to your store at the same time. Therefore, you need to practice your cooking skills more when you play Hot Dog Bush free online. Attention, don’t leave the sausage in the oven for too long if you don’t want to throw it away!


Click and hold the mouse to get ingredients, process and give to diners


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My hobbies are blogging and cooking. I like to share the most useful information for gamers on this website. Hope you read support and follow.

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