Kick Buttowski Stuntastic

December 21, 2015 - 2,582 play(s) - Disney Games

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About Kick Buttowski Stuntastic Cool Math Online provides you a lot of Disney Games such as Kick Buttowski Stuntastic and more. Why don’t you explore it now? It will bring to you the amazing time. The game will be divided into two stages including10 levels. Complete the first challenge and unlock next one. Help the main character reach the finish line safely by controlling his movements. Accelerate and pass over the steep. Don’t let him fall and hit the ground or you will lose! If you have the special ability, you can perform stunts to get the bonus. Hope you win Disney Kick Buttowski Stuntastic!


Use the arrow keys to move, X and C to perform skills in Kick Buttowski Stuntastic game.

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