Laser Lizard

April 21, 2023 - 80 play(s) - HTML5 Games

Play the Laser Lizard unblocked game online for free and help the character destroy all the things that appear on the street! Start with the Laser Lizard now!

About Laser Lizard Cool Math Online

Laser Lizard is an extreme arcade game. In which, you will be able to demolish everything from the building to the enemy army by using your laser and your skills.

With the weapon and the powers that you receive, you can clear the troop that the opponent has sent to remove you. Especially, you will connect to the Shin mode immediately after you fill up the Rampage bar. So, you can get stronger and cause more damage.

Laser Lizard 2D is a new Cool Math game online where you can unleash your danger easily.


  • Move in the game with the arrow keys or the A and D keys.
  • Jump with the Spacebar.
  • Manage the laser by holding the C key.
  • Launch the smash hit with Z.
  • Use the ground smash hit with X.

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