LEGO Space Games – Space Trap

January 13, 2016 - 2,597 play(s) - Lego Games

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About LEGO Space Games – Space Trap Cool Math Online

Visit and challenge your skill. Which character will you select to start this LEGO Space Games – Space Trap? You will have to get the silver key to complete the level. However, it is on the moving chain and is covered by a lot of lego blocks. They have different colors and usages. You can shoot all them. But try to avoid the red ones when they are falling. Don’t let them hit you or you will die. To get the key, you need to remove all especially the green block. Let’s see if you can win this Lego game in the brief time!


Use the arrow keys to move the character and Spacebar to shoot blocks in LEGO Space Games – Space Trap game.

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