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About Naklejka Cool Math Online

Naklejka is a world full of shapes and colors. This is a fun matching game to relax and train your brain. You will have to really match these shapes in order to achieve the most points.

Naklejka is a math game that both simple and full of challenges at the same time, the machine will give you a random shape from easy to hard as the lever increase, and they will also give you some random shapes. Your jobs arrange the pieces the machine gave you. So that they are exactly the same shape that was given by the machine in the left corner of the screen. If you find that you did something wrong, you can undo by clicking on the undo button on the top right corner. This game is a pretty cool game online to play and relax.


You also can use WASD to move your shapes into the central panel to match the shape on the top left corner, you can undo your shapes by clicking the undo button on the top right corner.

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