Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

26 Sep , 2020   -  302 play(s) -   Building Games,Kids Games,Math games,Puzzle Games

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Pre-Civilization Bronze Age unblocked is a challenging puzzle math games online in which you have to increase your civilization and create world wonder. In this title, you are recommended to play through the tutorial so you can know what to do in the game, or you will get confused and don’t know what you are doing. The game features some levels of difficulty you can pick from. You should begin the game with the easiest difficulty!

To grow your civilization as well as build the world wonder in Pre-Civilization Bronze Age unblocked, you will do a lot of tasks, from assigning people to some tasks, to researching technology to obtain bonuses and new buildings. The people will help you do things like farming items, defense, sheep herding, fishing, mining, and researching. You need to give your people the mining task to create buildings for extra bonuses. Don’t forget to create defensive items and place them around your town to fight off all enemies. You have to play Pre-Civilization Bronze Age online with smart strategies for your survival and victory!


Use “+” button right next to a job to assign your people to do it, or use the “-” button to remove a worker and turn them into a defender.

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