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About Cool Math Online is a fun MMO building game. In which, setting up factories will be the main objective in the new challenge. Constructing mills will help you automate the creation and combination of shapes. You’d better master how to deliver the assigned, progressively complex blocks to level up inside unblocked. Further, it’s essential to unlock and gain upgrades! They are special items to speed up your productivity and allow you to rank up sooner. Play Cool Math free online and you will quickly realize that the demand can raise when you progress. Try to scale up your manufactory so you are able to complete the needs in the shortest time! Additionally, please pay attention to resources and attempt to expand the map of your own! With the aid of enhancements and strategies to manage your abilities, you will seize more opportunities to outplay other people or control the top spot. Good luck!


Left-click on shapes to control, use RMB to delete, Q to pipette, scroll the mouse to zoom.

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