Shovel 3D

November 16, 2022 - 198 play(s) - Cool Math Game

Shovel 3D unblocked is an online casual game where you need to avoid obstacles to survive and win levels. Experience Shovel 3D challenges and gain high points!

About Shovel 3D Cool Math Online

Play Shovel 3D online for free and participate in a cool race. Please make use of your shovel to create a big snowball and beat targets on the track to earn points!

Shovel 3D is one of the most exciting 3D games online

It is an arcade game in which you will take control of a shovel. After launching the race, you will move with that tool. Not only that, you should direct it skillfully so that you can generate a giant snowball.

Furthermore, you’d better utilize that ball smartly to go through walls. Additionally, you can throw the ball to destroy piles of bricks or hit coins at the end of the path. Don’t forget to reach the goal area to finish your level!

Free to play Shovel 3D online and complete different stages

Thus, it’s pretty simple to learn the tutorial and unlock the second level. However, each stage will bring back unique challenges. Especially, they contain dissimilar obstacles. And, you must stay away from them so you can keep going.

Shovel 3D is a fun option from the list of 3D games online on-site. Let’s start and smash everything now!


Press Spacebar to begin the level, shovel the snow, or throw the snowball

Choose A and D keys to go to the left or right side

Use Enter to continue levels.


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