Stacky Bird

September 17, 2022 - 33 play(s) - Skill Games

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Let's enjoy Stacky Bird unblocked and explore fun levels of stacking eggs. You will help the bird lay eggs and make your way through the terrain to victory.

About Stacky Bird Cool Math Online

You can play Stacky Bird online no download here on web browser and phone. Get ready to accompany a cute bird on a fun adventure to the king’s castle and get rewarded!

Join Stacky Bird and enjoy the crazy adventure

This game belongs to the simple but highly addictive arcade genre. There you will play as a bird trying to save his girlfriend from King Spiky’s castle. To do that, you have to cross many lands to find the castle. So it’s crazy action and adventure with bird eggs that you can’t miss.

Stack eggs to cross terrains and discover new lands

Your bird will start at the starting line in each level. But it will automatically move to the right and you need to help it overcome the obstacles. Just click to create stacked eggs. But you have to stack enough eggs to get your bird through the high terrain easily in Stacky Bird ios.

Besides, if you hit three good moves you will go into shooting mode. Your bird can shoot to destroy all terrain on the way in a certain amount of time. Therefore, he can cross the terrain easily and find the finish line. After each victory, you will have the opportunity to unlock new levels and unique lands.

Collect rewards and unlock Stacky Bird skins for kids

After your every win in Stacky Bird unblocked, you will get some bonus. With that money, you can buy dozens of unique things including animal skins like pig, turtle, chicken and more. Besides, you can unlock fun furniture items to decorate your bird’s nest. Do not hesitate to design everything as you like to own a beautiful bird house!


Click and hold left mouse button or Space to stack eggs

Stacky Bird Video Gameplay

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