Sum Blocks

31 Mar , 2020   -  729 play(s) -   Puzzle Games

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To practice your mathematical skills, you should try Sum Blocks unblocked which is a free-to-play Math game online. By playing this game, you will know how well you can do an addition. There are up to 60 puzzles featured in Sum Blocks for you to master. Feel free to play them from easy to hard!

At the start of Sum Blocks free game, you will see a simple area on the screen with a red number block above and two white number blocks at the bottom. The mission for you is to drag and place the white number blocks in the given area on the screen so they form an addition operation that equals the given number above. That’s your first level! As you proceed to the next ones, more areas will appear. They will be placed on each other and you have to place the number blocks accurately to complete the two additions. Maybe there will be more than two areas you have to solve when you reach a higher level. Stay focused on the game, use your number sense to determine sums in every area, connect them together and complete your levels. Don’t forget to use your logical thinking skill for the best sequence of steps. Are you ready? Play it now! Much fun!


Use the mouse to drag and place the number blocks onto areas in the game.

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