Teleport Jumper

March 23, 2023 - 97 play(s) - Logic Games

Teleport Jumper is a free unblocked stickman battle game. Battle against many rivals in Teleport Jumper and use your abilities to attack as well as defeat them!

About Teleport Jumper Cool Math Online

Teleport Jumper 2D is one of the distinctive fighting html5 games. It’s a crazy match between your stickman and others. Your task is to be the last standing player.

You should get ready at the moment that you have already started. So, you can launch amazing punches or kicks. In addition to attacking, you can think of evading or blocking your opponents. Especially, you will win against them faster with combos.

Play Teleport Jumper cool math online and get ready to take over the battlefield by showing your best skills! Good luck!


Hit the opponent with your mouse button or the Left and Right arrows.


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