Tetra Squares

27 Mar , 2020   -  730 play(s) -   HTML5 Games

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Prepare some essential skills for a fun Math game online called Tetra Squares! There are many game genres you can play online to hone your skills, and Math games are the good ones for you. Tetra Squares unblocked is a classic game about Tetra blocks. You may have played some Tetra games before, but with this title, you will earn yourself a new experience.

In Tetra Squares free game, Tetrominoes are falling down, and no end in sight. You are here to pack and eliminate the geometric shapes before they come to the top. You start controlling the blocks carefully to fill the rows. Move them up, move them down, rotate them clockwise or anti-clockwise and make them drop too. There are many actions you can do the blocks, but make sure you do them well to avoid causing any mistakes as you play. Every time you fill a row, you will earn some scores. The more rows you make, the higher the score you get. There are many levels with different challenges to play. Remember that if all blocks touch the top, your level will be failed. Make use of your geometric thinking skill to master the Tetra blocks and become the best player!


Use arrow keys to move and adjust the blocks to fill the rows for scores in the game.       

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