Tower Join

20 Sep , 2020   -  472 play(s) -   Kids Games,Math games,Puzzle Games

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Tower Join unblocked is a free puzzle math game online. By playing Tower Join on CoolMath Online, you can improve your logical thinking skills. It’s all about using your mind and your smartness to solve the challenges at various levels with different difficulties.

The point of Tower Join game is to use the pieces to create cubes. You see that there are some pieces with different colors. You have to move those pieces and connect them together until you create cubes of the same color. The cubes must have the same color as the pieces. You have to take pieces from the top of the tower then click a different slot on the tower to drop them. Try to take the least number of moves possible for a high score and attempt to complete the level fast so you can reach the next one. Play Tower Join game online for free to practice your skills! Have fun with it!


Use the mouse to click pieces and move them to create cubes in the game.

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