Tower Of Colors Island Edition

July 19, 2022 - 58 play(s) - Physics Games

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Tower Of Colors Island Edition has the appearance of a colorful tower. Your mission in Tower Of Colors: Island Edition is simply to destroy the tower to win.

About Tower Of Colors Island Edition Cool Math Online

Tower Of Colors Island Edition offers exciting shooting challenges. Here, you will have the task of making the most accurate shots to destroy blocks of the same color.

Orbs of the same color will act as powerful bullets to help you destroy the colored tower in the game. Before performing the shooting operation in Tower Of Colors Island Edition unblocked, you need to make sure the sphere and color block have the same color.

Conversely, orbs that are different in color from the colored blocks will not be able to break the tower structure. You can also use your mouse to click and drag around to rotate the view of the tower in different directions. This is a very important operation to help you have more optimal shooting options.

The difficulty of each level will also increase by designing more difficult tower structures. This means that you must consider before choosing to shoot because the number of bullets is not free. In this skill online game, you are only provided with 30 colored bullets in each level, so you must use it effectively.

When reaching a specified number of points, Tower Color online will give you an asteroid capable of knocking down multiple colored blocks. This is a powerful tool to help you complete challenges in a simpler way. Besides, other power-ups also appear on the right corner of the screen, you can use gold coins to buy them.

Tower Of Colors Island Edition is ready with tough challenges waiting for you to explore. The challenge of destroying the colored tower seems simple, but it will take you a lot of time to complete. Moreover, the graphics and sound in the game are also carefully groomed, which will leave an impression on you.


Use the left mouse button to drag and drop the observation direction and shoot

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