Wood Farmer

October 19, 2022 - 175 play(s) - Running

Wood Farmer is an adventure game that you can play online. Get ready with your tools to become a wood farmer with the task of mining resources and building.

About Wood Farmer Cool Math Online

Explore Wood Farmer 3D your way and build unique buildings. You can harvest wood, gather resources, build and adventure on a 3D island with your stickman friend.

This is a great simulation game with colorful backgrounds and relaxing sounds. You can become an innovator playing this game, because that’s the place to build. Besides, you can be an adventurer with explorations all over the magical island. You will accompany your friend while doing those things.

First, you will be taken to an island with unlimited resources. Your task is to cut trees, get wood and collect enough resources. You can then use your resources to heat up a structure, such as a bridge, a building, and more. The further you go, the more new constructions will be available to you.

But you can’t stay in one place forever in this adventure explore game. You should move to many new areas on the island in search of new resources. Besides, you need to upgrade your tools to speed up mining. Thanks to that, you will soon own dozens of beautiful constructions.

Besides the gameplay, the game will please you with simple but exquisite 3D graphics. Your friend is just a colorful but pretty stickman and is always hard at work. Moreover, the game background is quite cool with bright colors, and the sound is always gentle and playful to inspire you.

If you love this experience you can play Wood Farmer free online now. It is available to all players and has had a lot of fans leaving positive comments about it. So don’t hesitate to join the game, learn how to mine, build and become a talented construction designer.


Move your stickman character with arrow keys or WASD.

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