Among Rescue

June 2, 2022 - 106 play(s) - Cartoon Games

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About Among Rescue Cool Math Online

Among Rescue free online gives you interesting intellectual puzzles. You just need to remove the pegs to help your friends get the treasure or destroy the impostors.

This is a puzzle game combined with the Among Us theme. It includes levels from easy to difficult, requiring your sensitivity and wisdom. Your job is to remove the golden pawns in a reasonable way to pass the level. But each level is a different challenge with different pin layouts, so you’ll need to think of new puzzles.

Some of the early levels are quite easy to get through but that doesn’t happen again in later levels. You’ll need to look closely at what’s on the screen to make wise withdrawal choices. You need to protect your red friend while trying to get rid of the blue impostors and dodge traps such as lava and water.

But you can use many useful things to your advantage in this puzzle game. You can mix water and lava to form stones or drop gold chests to destroy impostors. And you’ll need many other cool tricks to conquer tough puzzles. If you fail, you can play again and again until you pass the level.

This game will make you excited not only in gameplay, but also in visuals. It brings hilarious friends from the Among Us universe here, bringing joy and intimacy. The puzzles look simple but are challenging and colorful. Moreover, music with joyful melodies will help you relax.

Nothing is better when you can play Among Rescue unblocked now in the online browser here. Logic puzzles with escalating challenges will be an opportunity for you to test your intelligence. Do not hesitate to discover them and put your name on the leaderboard with the highest position!


Left click on the pegs to remove them

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