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June 21, 2022 - 71 play(s) - Cartoon Games

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About Among Shooter Cool Math Online

Among Shooter unblocked brings you exciting shooting wars in first person. Get ready to fight the forgers on your spaceship with weapons available in the 3D world.

You probably still remember the hit Among Us game, but can you outrun the rogues in this shooting game? The crew impostors are now crazier and they’re coming for you. To survive, you need good mental preparation and the necessary weapons to fight them.

In 3D space, the enemy is more and more numerous and always looking to defeat you. Therefore, you need to move flexibly and effectively use weapons for defense. Choose near targets first, then those far away. Moreover, you need to align at the right time to change ammo, ready for continuous bullets.

Regarding weapons, there are quite a few options when you play Among Shooter free online. It includes pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades and more. Depending on the battlefield situation, each weapon will bring different effects. If you need to destroy a crowd of enemies, grenades are the most effective.

Meanwhile, guns are the most popular weapon to end single target. But you need to aim accurately and choose smart targets. During the battle, you will have the opportunity to adventure in a realistic 3D environment. Look for enemies to raid before they find you first in this shooting game.

It’s great that you can play Among Shooter 3D all the time without downloading. You can only play alone, but there are always many players competing with you on the leaderboard. Try it and see how long you can survive in this dangerous world full of fakers.


Use mouse to look around, move with WASD, jump with “Space”

Shoot with left mouse, throw grenade with “G”, click “F” or “Q” to attack with knife

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