Big Ice Tower Tiny Square

May 19, 2022 - 445 play(s) - Kids Games

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square is the sequel to the popular pixel-platformer game. You should join Big Ice Tower Tiny Square to better understand its improvements.

About Big Ice Tower Tiny Square Cool Math Online

Big Ice Tower Tiny Square unblocked takes you to an ice tower with the appearance of many mazes. You have to find a way to escape this ice tower by dodging the obstacles.

Various obstacles are one of the factors that make you feel more attractive when experiencing this math game for kids. In the game, you have to face many obstacles with different attack methods. Those are deadly cold waters, a moving trap system, sentinels, and more.

Play Big Ice Tower Tiny Square game for free, you will realize that smart control is the most important key to victory. Most systems are built very logically, just a small mistake is enough to make you play from the beginning. You should calculate before moving to increase the winning rate when playing the game.

The respawn point is important to help you remove the obstacles that you have overcome before. Try to move to respawn locations although this will bring more difficulty than usual. Believe me, you will feel happy when the character has hit the respawn point on the screen.

After hitting the respawn point in Big Ice Tower Tiny Square online, your character will respawn at that location if it collides with any obstacles. Besides, this game offers levels with increasing difficulty. You need to show precise movement skills to overcome the meticulously designed obstacle system.

The appearance of Big Ice Tower Tiny Square is a perfect successor for fans of Big Tower Tiny Square. This game retains the traditional arcade gameplay with a meticulously designed level system. Are you ready to overcome all challenges in the game and reach the top of the ice tower safely?


Move the small square with the A/D button or the left/right arrow keys

Press the Space/W/Z/up arrow button to jump, and press the R button to reset to the last test position


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