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About Dynamons Cool Math Online

You can play Dynamons game now and go on an adventure in the world of strange creatures. Your mission is to collect and train creatures to turn them into warriors.

If you love the legendary Pokemon movie, Dynamons series is the best part for you right now. It builds on the gameplay of the Pokemon game, allowing you to become real creature trainers. With this role, you will have the opportunity to meet and encounter many unique creatures and have fascinating battles.

You will start with a monster and use it to conquer battles. In each battle, you need to use the skills of monsters to defeat other creatures. If you win, you will have the right to bring them back to your team and train them to turn into true warriors. Don’t forget to upgrade them to gain advantages.

Regarding the gameplay, it is not complicated when the operations are mainly touch on the screen. You just need to touch the skill cards to help the monsters attack the target. However, keep in mind that each skill will need a certain time to recover. Therefore, you will need to have a smart strategy to optimize the effect.

This action free online game will impress you with its friendly graphics. It depicts monsters in a variety of unique shapes with eye-catching skill effects. Besides, the combat effects are very amazing and the music is always upbeat. So this game promises to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

If you love this game, you can enjoy it now in the browser here. Don’t forget that it already has a sequel, Dynamons 2 with many innovations worth exploring. So don’t hesitate to try them all and learn how to become a real beast trainer!


Use the mouse to interact with monsters and skills

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