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September 29, 2022 - 189 play(s) - Cool Math Game

Maze Discover free online will take you on a fun and exciting adventure like never before. Get ready to dig, mine and unearth ancient mysterious structures.

About Maze Discover Cool Math Online

Maze Discover 2D is a fun adventure and mining game. You’ll travel through mysterious lands to uncover classic artifacts and uncover the structures that lie underneath.

Become an adventurer in Maze Discover and enjoy the loot

In Maze Discover unblocked, you will be an explorer and archaeologist. So, your mission is to traverse mysterious lands to discover ancient structures and find buried artifacts. Along the way, you’ll also find joy in getting richer and better as you play the Stacky Bird game.

Explore ways to enrich your collection

You will start at a certain location and just use the mouse to move on the map. In your steps, you can cut fields to reveal hidden things beneath them. It can be ancient labyrinth buildings, castles, and more. And you can also find resources including gold, money, tools and keys.

  • Keys will help you unlock portals to expand your adventure journey.
  • Gold coins will help you shop for upgrades or resources at the shop stations.
  • Tools like pickaxe, shovel, hammer and more will also help you cut and dig everything along the way.

Enhanced ability to travel faster via Maze Discover maps

Don’t forget to upgrade your adventurer to go faster in this arcade adventure game. After each level, you can find upgrades for speed, health or better tools. So you will enjoy a crazy and refreshing adventure when you play Maze Discover free online.

With better powers and more advanced tools, it’s easy for you to mine everything and solve every maze. But remember, the upgrade never stops as your journey gets harder and harder! So many new things will appear on the map, giving you increasingly valuable loot.


Move your character by dragging left mouse or using arrow keys

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