Block the Pig

30 Mar , 2020   -  693 play(s) -   HTML5 Games

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Join Block The Pig Hooda Math game for free to express your logical thinking, problem solving and spatial reasoning skills. There are many Math games you can play to hone your mathematical skills and Block The Pig online is one of them you should play. It’s all about blocking a pig to stop her from escaping!

You have to use your logic to make the pig safe in her own backyard in Block The Pig game. She is very adventurous and wants to explore the world outside. However, it’s not safe for her to be out there. Hence, you must try your best to place blocks around her yard so she cannot escape. In the first round, you are provided with 3 blocks. You have to place them strategically to make sure the pig cannot get out. After placing 3 blocks, your pig will start to move. She will take her first step after 3 blocks, then you will place one more block to block her. You and the pig will take turns, one tries to place a block and one tries to escape. If it’s her turn and she gets out of the yard, the round will be over, meaning you have to start again from round 1. How many rounds you can beat? Play the game now!


Place blocks to stop the pig from escaping using the mouse.

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