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November 2, 2015 - 3,190 play(s) - Lego Games

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About Transformers KRE-O Games Cool Math Online

Transformers KRE-O Games on is one of the most interesting Lego Games. Let’s play it online for free and enjoy the battle! Now, a rain of meteors is falling. And you are the huge robot is moving along the way. Try to avoid them at all costs not to be killed. You’d better not hit them many times. Or you can change the shape depending on each situation.  The hero joins in a war that he can’t see his enemy. Maybe this evil guy planned for this disaster. Explore Transformers KRE-O Games and other Lego Games if you want.


Use the arrow keys to move Prime, Spacebar to fire (only in Robot mode), Z to transform into a robot in Weapons mode, and X to change into a vehicle to pass through the obstacles.

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